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Manage Your Career

Career Management: Build a Foundation
Is a Job the Same as a Career?
What is Career Management
New World of Work
The Job Market
Relationship Between Employers and Employees
Employment Realities
Motivate Yourself in the New World of Work
Take Care of Yourself
Making Career Decisions

Manage Your Finances
How to Create a Personal Budget
Value of Your Dollar
Deal with Changes
Career Management: Move Forward
Career Management Tips
Succeed in the Workplace

Assess Yourself

Know Your Work Skills
Match Your Skills to Occupations
Match Your Interests to Occupations
Your Work Values
Put Your Assessments Together

Explore Careers

What Career Changers Need to Know
What Are Career Clusters?
Find Career Information
Career Information for Ex-Offenders

Create a Plan & Set Goals

Take Charge of Your Career
Set Long-Term Goals
Make Your Goal-Setting Plan
How to Use a Career Plan
How to Create  a 'Plan B'

Expand Skills

Get Job Skills
Formal Education Pays Off
How to Gain Skills
Step 2: Look at Your Education Options
Step 3: Look at What Schools Offer
Pay for Your Education
Apply to School
Keep Advancing Your Career

Find a Job

Get Started and Get Help
Learn about the Hiring Process
Market Yourself
What to Put in Your Portfolio
Build Your Network
Connect with People Online
Research Employers
Find Job Openings
Filling Out Job Applications
Write Good Resumes
Write Good Cover Letters
Know How to Interview
Negotiate a Job Offer

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